The detailed history can be found here: https://sidyoung.com/gpz1100b2/gpz1100b2-early-history/

2022 – May

Test runs on the bike have been great. Everything is working OK, there is no rust coming through the fuel filter from the replacement tank so in a few weeks I will get it painted.

I’ve decided to get the foot peg plates powder coated black in line with the original finish. it will be the first of a few custom changes to bring it closer to the factory look but distinctly custom.


Converted to 530 chain size with great results: https://sidyoung.com/gpz1100-530-chain-conversion/

<todo> – New Tank prep


In March 2019 a bunch of us departed Brisbane for a 2000klm ride down to Tasmania and 2000klm back, in all I did about 6000klm on the GPz and it was great! The last 2000klm, Sharon rode back as pillion with me. All went well until just 30 klm from home we snapped the chain… it was a 2 hour delay, but at least it did not happen too far from home. This prompted me to rework the rear chain drive as a 530 Chain rather than the bulk 630 type. I’ve written this up in a post with sufficient technical detail.

Our first day in Tassie, catching up with the Girls in Sheffield

Waiting for the ferry to come back to Melbourne

Lined up to board the Ferry back to Melbourne

Bathurst – Mt Panorama

At the top of Mt Panorama

I was asked about the pistons, so data on the pistons:

Wiseco Part#:4255M07500
Product Type:Single Pistons
Description:KAW KZ/GPZ11 1981-2 (K1171) 2953XG
Displacement: 1166cc
Bore – Standard: 72.50mm
Bore – Actual: 75.00mm
Bore – Oversize: 2.50mm
Stroke: 65.99mm
Compression Ratio – Actual: 10.25:1
Note: Cylinder boring required

For more info on the Chain Conversion after we arrived back home see: https://sidyoung.com/gpz1100-530-chain-conversion/