GPz1100B2 Reborn – 2018


The 1100 has finally had a re-birth and is registered with full ELR trim.

I initially expected the whole process to take 6 to 12 months but due to finances (and I have 3 other bikes on the road) it ended up taking considerably longer!


Seven years later (October 1st 2018) I started back rebuilding it to 99.9% complete and I’ve taken it for a test ride round the block (a few times). When the body work comes back from the paint shop it will be ready to register. Then I can take some time to make some subtle modifications towards the “Resto-Mod” end of the spectrum rather that in the factory restore end of the spectrum.

Once the engine started I soon discovered a couple of valves were taping, so back off with the cam cover and another check of the clearances. A shim change and it was now good. In addition I dropped the bodywork in to get painted and it now ready.


The B2 lives again!

This month I managed to fire up my 1100, This is the first time in 7 years its been running! In the process I needed to get new ignition leads sorted, carb re-tuning and static valve clearances during reassembly on the bench.

After 7 years in the garage, the B2 is complete (minus the final paint work) and the engine fires up! I temporarily fitted some z650 coils as the leads on the old coils were faulty, so I’m off to the shop today to get some 7mm lead and refit them. The main delay the last few weeks has been crap in the tank, the old fuel plus moisture has led to rust scale build up so I have been flushing it every few days with white vinegar and it done the job nicely. Before detecting this I could not get the engine to fire, so two rounds of stripping the carbs and cleaning out the crap has done the trick.

I also need to remove the cam cover and check the shims and oil, there is at least 1 shim that is wrong as I can hear the tap from it. If its covered in oil then I can tick off the oil pump assembly and so the engine should be good to go.

Update: No one sells 7mm leads :(. I ended up getting 8mm leads and paired back the outer insulation and then did a trial fit into the original coils but with NEW NGK plug tops, looks great!

Update: Body parts and tank dropped into paint shop for a new paint jobs. I need to make a bracket to hold the fuse holder and then get all the brackets powder coated. I made a bracket to hold the GPS for the trip in March next year (and to verify the speedo calibration), it also needs to be powder coated once I finish it off. I have also sourced a manufacturer of the bikini fairing and s.


The B2’s running frame is complete and I need to do a once over and check every bolt to ensure bits don’t fall off for its maiden ride and registration.

I need better brakes!

In the course of rebuilding the B2 I have finally added the GPz900R calipers and master cylinder and replaced the brake lines. At some point in the future I will make a new rear disk caliper mount kit and get something that stops better!

To fit the calipers I had four 8mm spacers made so the caliper was centered over the disk. The mounting points are identical. You can also use either the B1 or B2 disks, however there is about 5mm difference between them so the brake pad will end up sitting right on the edge of the smaller disk.

February – Engine Assembly and Install

Once I had assembled the bottom end, the only tasks left were to install the sitons, drop on the barrels and then put the head on and get the cam timing correct with everything torqued down. Finally the engine could be installed and the various other bits connected.

While the standard GPz1100 engine is black, I’ve gone for the shot peened Alloy look all over. Once the bike has proven itself I will Resto-Mod the rest of it in due course.