Update – November 2023

The 1998 zx9r is off the road until house renovations are completed. The rear end spun out from under me when I touched the front brake going up a hill early in the morning. I suspect the throttle or throttle cable was sticking when I touched the brake causing the rear to overpower the front and down on the left I went. The bike will require a strip down to check/replace the damage and re-align the frame and steering.


I have two zx-9r’s a 1994 B1 model and a 1998 C1 model. They are totally different bikes with the 1998 model undergoing a complete re-engineering to make it lighter, faster and more nimble. These two bikes also function as my daily riders for the last 8 years so I spend a lot of time maintaining them and have managed to document a fair bit of the work required to keep them on the road.

Current state – 2022

The B1 model is laid up for the foreseeable future with a gearbox failure. While taking off from the lights, it shredded something in the gear box and it makes a terrible noise when you try to engage 1st. The failed part(s) are on the output shaft as the bike will idle in neutral with no sound. There is a common gearbox fault associated with zx-9r models but it is usually applicable to the C1 onwards so for the B1 to fail is a bit worrying!

I will post some pictures soon.

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