A basic how-to guide…

The book is packed with bits of information on how to do stuff, from simple tutorials to step-by-step guides. Over 500 colour pictures are in the book and I have added additional updates on Tutorials from the book here!

Why this book?

A love affair with bikes, especially the classic machines of the 70’s was the driving force behind 6 years of writing effort. This book is based on 35 years of motorcycling enthusiasm and a desire to share knowledge and skills.

Whats in it?

Lots! – at 240 pages its packed with info on how to do just about everything to return a neglected superbike from years gone by to a factory restoration beauty.

What if I want to build something special?

The book is not just about restoration, it provides the basis for any custom work you might attempt. With chapters on Fasteners, Tools, Electrical repairs, Metal Finishing, rebuilding engines and basic project management of any bike oriented project.