Well the Title, “Next month is xmas” tells you its November, and this month I started to refresh my old 1976 z900A4. It needs a good run and to have it back in original form I need to replace the lower fork piece on the left hand fork. This bottom caliper mount is broken and the finish on the legs has deteriorated. I also need to fix one of the sprocket cover bolts.

Some time ago I located two z900A4 forks on ebay, the chrome tubes were stuffed but the lowers were in good shape, so I sent them off to Wayne at Specialized Blasting Services, the rest speaks for itself:

Like any early Kwaka, the z900 forks are easy to disassemble, remove the dust boots, take off the retaining clip that holds the fork seal (and washer) in place and tip the fork upside down to reveal the 8mm set screw in the bottom.

Using a “Rattle Gun” and an 8mm allen key socket I poped out the set screw and the fork tube comes apart from the fork lower.

I disassembled everything and cleaned up the fork tubes then ran some 2000 wet n dry over them. When the new seals and dust boots come in tomorrow I will re-assemble everything and start on the brake system.

Express post is wonderful, the parts arrived so I now have seals and dust boots. Tonight after work I will re-assemble the forks and re-install them. I have un-bolted the brake assembly and will drain out the brake fluid and start cleaning it all up.

Mild corrosion has set in, so I need to renew this piece as well.

Without going into the actual fork assembly process, I have installed the seals and put 10W oil in forks, then installed them back on the bike.

Forks are now back on and I can start cleaning up the brakes.

The month is not yet over so “More to come” …..


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