I can’t believe its already April 2024!

So much has happened in 2023, in November 2023 I crashed the Zx9r while riding to work. What I think happened is I went to back off but the rear wheel over shot the front when I lightly touched the front break when a dipshit decided to do a right hand turn over a traffic island in front of me. The bike dropped me on the left hand side at 60klm, ripping open the side pf my knee and dropping me on my hip which also ripped open. I also landed on my right hand (as you do). It’s taken a few months to recover but I was all healed up by March 2024 except for the right hand which is slowly getting better.

The zx9r C1 is badly scratched, it will need a few new engine covers and the plastic fairing is trashed as well as the fork/frame alignment as it slid up the hill on Gladstone road. I haven’t touched it since, and that’s because I am working everyday on home renovations. When the renos are done I will get back onto that bike, rebuild it and then make it a display piece, eventually to be sold . But the good news is I bought a 2004 zr750J1 three days after the crash. It came up on Facebook Market place, I contacted the owner who said he had a few people looking at it, a week later he called me telling me he had been jacked around by everyone. I said I will bring cash, if I like it I will take it. It’s now my everyday compute bike and I must admit I love it.

Recently I went to show a fellow biker what I’m working on and I realized both my WordPress theme and my menu layout didn’t let me show all the bikes I have, So I’m currently trialing some new themes. The goal is to have all the project bike accessible from the menu bar with some photos and history. It will most probably require me to take lots of new photos of each bike and re-orientate the structure of the site to match.

Stay tuned!

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