1977 z650-B1 Wheel Bearings

As I start my Cafe Racer build based on a 1977 z650 I started on the wheel and discovered the wheel bearings are the same as a classic “Zed”, but the sprocket carrier is different. The 1977 z650 has the following wheel bearings installed:

Note: 2016-04-22 – I have updated the front bearing info – it appears I had a 6302 part instead of 6203 listed so double check on the bearings you remove first!


  • 6203-2RSH
  • 40mm x 12mm x 17mm


  • 6303 – 2RSH
  • 47mm x 14mm x 17mm


  • 6305-2RS
  • 62mm x 17mm x 25mm

Measurements are in order: (Outside Diameter)  x (Width) x (Inside Diameter)

The Rear Carrier is NOT the same as the z1 carrier. The spokes are also different on the rear wheel as well as shoes and the hub size.