Finally the GPz1100 has passed roadworthy and is now registered!.

Its been a long haul and there are still minor items to finish, like badges and shims at the 1500klm mark. But last week I found a significant issue in the tank, old rust had started to flake off at a great rate of knots and so I ended up spending hours on the weekend flushing the tank out with rust blaster and then finally re-coating it with KBS Gold Standard.

The tank should cure this week and when the rain from Cyclone Owen disappears I can go for a ride 🙂

March update

Well the ride to Tassie and back has come and gone, great trip with some fantastic riding days. The bike went well other than a damaged output shaft seal, result – oil everywhere! But at least no rust will creep in anywhere!

Then the trip home made it even more even more eventful, 30klm from home and snap went the chain! A full write up is here -> GPz1100 chain Conversion

2022 Update

The bike has sat for a few years while I source another tank and finish numerous other projects but I decided to buy a battery and located a modified B1 tank in 2021 that is very promising. In January 2022, the bike started first go and I rode it with the new tank, a few laps round the block and I’m happy to put it back on the road.

There is a partial write up here: Welcome 2022


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