Bike History

I purchased my 1976 z900-A4 in 1999, the bike did not appear to have any previous registration history and visually, the bike had numerous drilled holes where you would tie scrutineers tags and there appeared to be wheelie bar mounts behind the rear shocks, so I suspect the bike had been used for drag racing and may never have been road registered as a search of the frame and engine numbers did not return any previous registration history.

The zed had lots of frame gussets and was rock solid so that was a bonus. I had to get an engineers certificate to get it registered and proof of ADR compliance. Initially I needed to renew the compliance every 5 years through the department of transport but this stopped a few years ago when I received a letter from the DOT telling me I no longer needed to re-apply every 5 years.

From all this I now always get the previous registration label or plate to show it must have been compliant at some point. so always get the previous rego label if you can.

I rode the bike everyday up until an accident in 2005 when one of the front brake pads seized against the disk while I was initiating a left turn down a steep hill, the bike literally flip over and landed on my hip, the rear of the bike hit the road while the front forks swung round and bent the steering stop pin, the frame suffered a twist and needed to be straightened.

Initially I fixed the damaged and then decided it really needed a full restoration. To keep the bike on the road, the restoration process was done in small stages. The wheel rims have been re-chromed, hubs polished and stainless spokes fitted. Then other bits were rechromed and bolted back on.

From 2009 onwards the bike started to see a multitude of small problems grow so it was time to strip it and rebuild it! In the process it would get a new exhaust system and then lastly the paint job to replace the original cracked paint. As of 2020 the original paint is still on the bike.

Current State

For the last few years the z900 has been living the high life in the lounge room with the odd trip out. However I noticed the forks were starting to show some degree of corrosion and the brake parts where showing the classic oxidation from leaking brake fluid.

I still needed to replace the broken caliper mount and I hunted down a new set of lowers on eBay, Garn Cooke in Sydney kindly picked them up for me, pulled them apart and sent me the lowers.

I also needed to fix the sprocket cover bolt that had pulled out from a damaged thread a few years back, for this I have a “nut-sert” fitting to try.

TODO – Post pictures of forks back on bike, caliper stripped and then re-inistalled

TODO – Sprocket cover bolt hole – leaks oil due to long bolt insertion.

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Coming shortly:

  • z900 Engine Disassembly done back in 2005
  • z900 Engine Assembly completed back in 2010